"Success is only meaningful

and enjoyable if it feels like your own."

Michelle Obama




(The "Linked-in" version) I am an Accredited Coach in Transformational Coaching, a Diploma accredited by the ICF (International Coaching Federation) and a member of the ICF. My professional background is rooted in Corporate Communications and Change Management. I have coached mainly women in a transition phase either in their personal or professional lives. I abide by the ICF professional rules and ethics.

(The "Facebook" version)  I am a mother and a wife. I speak French and a bit of Spanish. I live in South Derbyshire, UK. I am passionate about creative arts and design. I love volunteering: I'm a Community Gospel Choir Director an the Director of a Scout-type club for young children. 


About coaching

Transformational coaching is a powerful partnership that empowers clients to be whom they want to become. Through this coaching approach, coachees become their own change agent, by tapping into their strengths, core values, perspectives (world or self). And through powerful questions and adequate challenges, coaching conversations become very compelling tools to raise the coachee's self-awareness, to activate their desire and motivation to change and ultimately, to reach their goals. 


I thoroughly enjoy coaching clients (especially women), listening to them, connecting with them on a deeper level, helping them rekindle the flame of their passion, vocation, so they can confidently thrive as professionals, and, equally, as women and mothers. 

About my coaching style:

  • non-judgmental, active listening - I will give you space to think and reflect

  • empowering - I might challenge some of your views (with your permission and as appropriate), so you can nurture positive empowering thoughts

  • insightful - e.g. use of analogies when needed to illustrate a point

  • adaptable to your learning style

  • creative - practical, creative activities in connection with your goal (as appropriate)

  • inspired by Christian values

  • follows a holistic approach to coaching, i.e. physical, mental, emotional and spiritual


So here it is - I aim to be your journey partner through change so that you can succeed. It's your journey, your future, your goal.

Just one question before I go:

"With regards to your career goal, what step would you take today if you knew you would be successful?"

Over to you now. Have a think! Then feel free to share your answer with me when booking your first coaching session. 

Let's get your return-to-work, or career change journey starts today.


A bientôt!*



(*See you soon)



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